• How many stations does RFRD operate out of?
    A: Currently one station, but with plans for multiple.

  • Do my tax dollars cover fire protection?
  • A: No, tax dollars do not cover fire protection. We are subscription based.

  • How do I subscribe?
  • A: Contact our administration office at: (520) 723-4680 (Online subscription form and payments are coming soon!)

  • If I am transported by ambulance, is that covered in my fire subscription?
  • A: No, ambulance transportation is not covered in your fire service subscription.

  • Why Do I have to Pre-pay for Fire Protection?
  • A: Fire Protection in the Unincorporated areas of Pinal County are not Automatic, unless you live within the boundaries of an incorporated City (municipal services) or are within the boundaries of an established Fire District. We are not obligated to respond to non-subscribers in the County.

  • I am a Tax-Payer, why won’t Pinal County provide my Fire Protection?
  • A: Pinal County Government has no obligation to provide the Citizens living in the unincorporated areas with fire protection services. Due to the absence of any specific ordnance, law or mandate, the County will not provide, regulate or issue a contract to a provider for the purpose of providing public service fire protection in Pinal County’s unincorporated areas.

  • What if I choose not to “subscribe” for Fire Protection from Regional Fire & Rescue Department.
  • A: Regional Fire & Rescue is a non-profit organization that receives no tax support whatsoever. The funding we receive from Subscribers provides for our operating budget. The less we receive from local residents in support of your Firefighters, the higher our annual rates. Additionally, if we elect to respond, non-members are charged $650.00 per hour, per fire apparatus, and $45.00 per hour, per firefighter. Subscribers are not charged any additional fees following the annual service fee, period.

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